Climate Cards

A project to the theme of transit. Focused on the routes our vegetables take every day and how much CO2 emissions could get spared by seasonal consumtion of the vegteables that grow in switzerland at the time.

That, what remains.

Death is a huge unspoken topic in our society which gets pushed away and ignored. After experiencing a stroke of fate, I decided to dedicate my final diploma work about it. The Idea was to create a space which brings the subject upfront in a light and beautiful way. Visitors of the exhibition should get animated to open up about death and try to thematise it more often when speaking to family and friends.

Jelmoli Food Market

During four years of apprenticeship at DD COM agency one of our clients was Jelmoli. For the new opening of their food section in 2014, a whole team worked on the design of their products, bags, food magazine and food section - which I luckly was part of.

F96 Sommerbadetuch

We designed our first project with the F96 collective’s graphic team, with buying
By buying our bath towel you we’re not only lying unbelievably chic, but we also supported F96 and a charity at the same time. For every bath towel sold, we donated CHF 10 to the Zurich women's shelter.

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Free works of ceramics and porcelain. Final glace burned with the special raku burning technique, prepared and fisrt burn in common ceramic ovens.